Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New Website! Yay!

I have re-created my website in Adobe Muse! It was pretty simple to make but took hours faffing to get it up online.  Oh well it's finally ready so CLICK HERE and go take a look!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Creative and Professional Development Sketchbooks - BA Work

A selection of double page spreads from my printed sketchbooks for my most recent module.

Rethread Sketchbooks - Year 2 Final Major Project

My look book design for Rethread, part of my final major project for the second year of my degree.

Printed sketchbooks for my major project work.

Self Promotion

 Lots of business cards and a self promotion easy fold portfolio!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Lush Design Hanging

I made a frame from which I hung my hand cut card.  Copper rods were used with wooden dowel spacers in between so each sheet hung at the same distance apart.  I played around with fishing wire and hung it in the studio to test out how the design worked.  I also went into my local Lush store in Plymouth and they kindly let me photograph my design in the shop! Everyone was really complimentary of my work and I think it works really well as a display piece. 

Lush Hand Made Logo


Various images of my design for Lush, the handmade cosmetic company.  I wanted to create a new brand for them within my Creative and Professional Development module.  This design is intended to be part of a window display on a large scale.  I wanted the design to be bright and bold, which conveyed the luxurious products that they sell, mimicking a bar of soap.  I photographed the design in different ways to see how it looked and worked out.   

Pencil Logo Designs

Several different logo options for Pencil, a company currently being set up by one of my friends.  The experimentation enabled me to create contrasting logo designs to see which worked best for the business.  Hand drawn typography techniques were used in each design.  

Peacocks Logo Design

Another re-branding piece for my Creative and Professional Development module, for Peacocks clothing store.  I hand stitched the design and then re-created it again with hand drawn typography and digitised it.  

ASOS Hand Drawn Typography

Final logo developed from the original ribbon designs I created.  Hand drawn typography tidied up in Photoshop.

ASOS Ribbon Typography

Part of my Creative and Professional Development module, in which I used different materials and processes to re-brand different existing companies.  ASOS is an online clothing shop which sells designer and vintage clothing.  Their original logo is pretty boring so I did my best to jazz it up!
I simply used a cork board and pinned different textured ribbon to create the letterforms.  

graze Competition Brief for YCN

My design submissions for graze, a healthy online snack company.  The design brief included three parts, to re-design the packaging, logo and a direct mailing campaign.  The brief was part of a collection of student competitions from YCN.